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Mission Statement

To reduce risk and increase trade opportunities for biomass buyers and sellers by providing a listing, online settlement, quality control services, and market information on the most trusted, efficient, and user-friendly platform possible.

Core Values:

We will provide a valuable platform where a community of users can connect to others in the industry, furthering biomass trade, discussion, and industry growth.

Efficiency and Usability
We will deliver an efficient, user-friendly service that is clear, beneficial, effective, and enjoyable to all biomass buyers and sellers.

Our ability to innovate will be unparalled in the biomass industry. We will retain that position through incessant research and development, releasing new and updated software frequently and continuously.

We are passionate about what we do and will attract new employees who have the same drive and interest to further the biomass industry.

The customer is at the center of our culture. We will address all concerns affecting our current and potential users in a timely and professional manner.

Knowledge and Transparency
We will reduce biomass industry myths and improve opportunities by providing industry knowledge in a meaningful way. By providing great knowledge, the biomass industry can harness great opportunity.

We are committed to building an exceptional level of trust with our customers through continuous relationship development and utilization of secure technologies to protect data. Only through trust will our platform grow.