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North American Biomass Exports and International Trade

There is a large amount of contractual and financial risk when exporting out of North America. Our goal is to help alleviate that risk so more biomass trade can occur. We assist with government insurance and working capital programs, inspections at the port, and organizing letters of credit or escrow accounts for safe fund transfer once contract terms are satisfied.

We provide the following export services. Please contact us for more information.

Export Service Description
US 90-day Ex-Im Bank Insurance Program Increase your export sales while minimizing risk with this insurance program. Contact us for more information or see: US Ex-Im Insurance Program
US Ex-Im Bank Working Capital Program This program is harder to use relative to the Ex-Im Insurance Program, but it is possible. Contact us for more information or see: US Ex-Im Working Capital Program
Port Inspections We work with partners on port inspections with documentation being returned to this site for your review.
Letters of Credit We can't provide you a letter of credit directly, but we'd be happy to discuss the process with you. Obtaining a letter of credit is the most commonly used process to reduce risk of buyer nonpayment.
Escrow Accounts We can help setup an escrow account for you at a major FDIC national or international bank. This can reduce financial risk in the case where a letter of credit is not used. Funds would be placed in the escrow account and held until contract terms are reached.