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Biomass and Web Site FAQ

  • What is biomass?
    Biomass is the residue from agriculture and forestry product processing, as well as residues from some industrial applications. Examples include wheat straw, corn cobs, corn stalks, tree trimmings, sawdust, wood chips, and wood pellets. See a more complete list a few questions below.
  • What are some uses for biomass?
    Biomass has several markets including bedding, livestock feed, and renewable energy markets. In the renewable energy market, biomass can be used as a fuel source to generate heat or electricity. Components of some biomass sources can also be extracted as higher value ingredients for the pharmaceutical, medical, and renewable plastics industries.
  • Why exchange biomass?
    There are people who are looking for outlets for their biomass materials and people seeking biomass supplies. This site is intended to bring those people together for mutual benefit.
  • What types of biomass can I list on your site?
    • Agricultural Residues
      • Barley Straw
      • Corn Cobs
      • Corn Stover
      • Fruit Pits
      • Grass Screenings
      • Malting Byproducts
      • Oat Hulls
      • Rice Hulls
      • Soybean Stover
      • Sugarcane Bagasse
      • Wheat Straw
      • Wheat Midds
      • Other Straws
    • Dedicated Grass Crops
      • All Hays
      • Switchgrass
      • Miscanthus
    • Dedicated Wood Crops
      • Cottonwood
      • Poplar
      • Willow
    • Wood Pellets
      • Pellet Fuels Institute Premium Grade Pellets
      • Pellet Fuels Institute Standard Grade Pellets
      • Pellet Fuels Institute Utility Grade Pellets
      • Custom Specification Wood Pellets
    • Other Wood Products and Residues
      • Animal Bedding
      • Clean Construction and Demolition Waste
      • Logs
      • Pallets
      • Sawdust
      • Wood Chips
      • Wood Slash
      • Tree Stumps
      • Tree Trimmings
    • Biomass-Based Fuels
      • Biogas
  • Do you have any demos of how to use this site?
    Sure do. Check out demos here.
  • Is there a charge for items listed on this web site?
    There is no fee to use the listing platform. We may roll out other services for a fee, but listings will be free indefinitely.
  • Why register?
    Anyone can view the exchange listings without registering. In order to contact biomass suppliers and buyers, you must register. At their discretion, biomass suppliers and buyers can then exchange contact information through our private messaging service. Otherwise contact information remains private as a service to our users.
  • Do you provide transportation options?
    Freight shipping is to be arranged between the buyer and seller.
  • How do I add a listing?
    Go to the Listings tab and select "Create a Listing". If you do not yet have an account, you will have to create one.